Dance to Express

My Vision for En Pointe Ballet School is to inspire students of all ages to fall in love with the art of dance and gain confidence to “dance to express”, with an emphasis on high quality training in the more traditional styles of dance.

If you are looking for a nurturing and caring place for your child to dance, En Pointe Ballet School is the place for you.

Located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills community of Belair, En Pointe’s mission is to instil the love of music and dance in your child and encourage them to express themselves with confidence and poise.

I look forward to helping your child become the best version of themselves they can be. Miss Sarah.


Pre School

“Dance with Miss Sarah” has been carefully developed for the early years ranging from 20 months up to 5 years of age. Using a playful approach with instruments and props, your child will have a great time singing, dancing and making new friends in a warm and nurturing environment.

All exercises and games are age appropriate and are designed to encourage strength, creativity, use of imagination and help to build physical strength and self confidence.

We will learn about balance, co-ordination, musicality and rhythm, following a leader, cognitive skills, patience, the ability to work with others and so much more.


Junior School

The Junior School offers classes in the traditional Cecchetti style of Classical Ballet from Pre-primary (5-6yrs) to Primary (6-7yrs) Level.

The focus will be on developing a strong technical foundation, an understanding of posture, building confidence and experimenting with artistry in a fun, social and positive learning environment.

Students from Pre-primary level are encouraged to extend themselves through participation in exams, open days and concerts. We also offer classes for 4-7 years in Hip Hop and Musical Theatre and Jazz.


Middle Sc


The Middle School offers classes in the traditional Cecchetti style of Classical Ballet from Grade 1 (7 yrs) to Grade 4 (11 yrs). As Classical Ballet requires close attention to detail, we continue to develop a strong technical foundation along with a sense of mastery, harmony, precision, discipline and social grace. These are the skills that help young people succeed in the adult world.

Ballet students from Grade 2 and above wishing to undertake examinations will be expected to attend 2 classes per week for two terms prior to their November exam sessions.

We also offer classes for ages 8 - 12 yrs in Hip Hop and Musical Theatre and Jazz.


Senior School

Our Senior School specialises in Classical Ballet following the beautiful Cecchetti style. By this level, students will have acquired an understanding of what is needed in a senior ballet class. Personal attributes such as self-discipline, motivation, passion, hard work and the ability to demonstrate poise, confidence, artistry and strong technique.

“Well trained Cecchetti dancers have a purity of line and simplicity of style which enables them to take their place in dance companies of other genres of classical ballet.”

Annual examinations and state competitions from Grade 4 through to Advanced Level will be offered by invitation.